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Bit-isle iDC Services

Bit-isle iDCs

Bit-isle iDC services offer highly secure and environmentally controlled facilities to keep customers' IT system up and running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
Bit-isle Equinix operates five iDCs in Tokyo Metropolitan area and jointly operates iDCs in Osaka as below.

Bit-isle iDCs
floor space (sq.m.)
number of racks accommodated
start of the
1st iDC
Shinagawa, Tokyo
7,182m 2
in Mar. 2001
2nd iDC
Shinagawa, Tokyo
4,851m 2
in Aug. 2008
3rd iDC
Shinagawa, Tokyo
(A)3,501m 2
(B)3,724m 2
in Nov. 2006
4th iDC
Bunkyo, Tokyo
16,459m 2
in Feb. 2009
5th iDC
Bunkyo, Tokyo
7,389m 2
in Mar. 2015
Osaka iDC
in Jan. 2011

Network connectivity

Bit-isle Equinix's Data Center connectivity provide the high speed and reliable network connections. With our carrier neutral approach, Bit-isle Equinix enables hybrid cloud architectures, allowing our customers to seamlessly interconnect collocated services together with their on-premise systems as well as Bit-isle Cloud and services from other cloud providers.

Fully redundant connectivity includes;
- dedicated broadband internet access 10Mbps to 10Gbps
- Shared broadband internet access 10Mbps to 1Gbps
- multi cloud connectivity
- leased line connection
- fiber optical connection
- copper connection

24hour's network monitoring by Bit-isle Network Operations Center with technical help-desk delivers secure data transfer across Data Center, on-premises and hybrid Cloud environment.

Rental service

Server and network equipment rentals are available for collocation. Our vender neutral approach delivers variety of choices to customers. A wide range of models, from low-end products to high-end products are ready to use.

Benefits of rental service include;
- free from investment in fixed assets
- flexible rental period which is from 1 month to 36 months
- hardware replacement is available in case of failure

Integrated 24/7 Managed service

"Integrated 24/7 Managed service" offers a fully managed environment across on-premises, collocation in Data Center, private Cloud and public Cloud. Managed service experts monitor customer's mission critical IT system for 24hours a day and 365days a year.
Not only day-to-day management but also strategic planning and consulting to improve customers' IT operations are provided. In case of failure a specialist at Bit-isle Network Operation Center, contacts the customer and the vender in accordance with "Problem management and escalation rules".
The service is co-operated by Bit-isle Equinix and siteROCK K.K.. siteROCK K.K. has been offering the industry leading IT managed services to over 800 customers since 1996. And Bit-isle Equinix (Bit-isle at that time) acquired siteROCK K.K. in 2011 as a strategic subsidiary.

The 5th State-of-the-Art green iDC

The 5th iDC is open in central Tokyo in Mar. 2015. The state-of-the art green iDC features;

floor space
floor space that can accommodate up to 1,400 racks
power supply
- dual high voltage power supply up to 66kV
- uninterruptable power supply
・ redundant power supply (UPS and CVCF)
・ emergency power generators
earthquake proof
- seismic base isolation system
・ designed to sustain JMA seismic intensity of upper 6
fire suppression system
- fire suppression system
・ ultra-sensitive smoke detector
・ inert gas (nitrogen gas) that is harmless to
human body and equipment
physical security
- manned around-the-clock monitoring
- secure entrance with flapper gates with IC-cards
- CCTV (24hours monitoring and recording)
- biometrics authentication
air cooled air conditioning system
- air cooled conditioning system
・ N+1 redundancy