Business Overview

Business Overview

As a leading iDC provider in Japan, Bit-isle has been offering cutting edge iDC services and IT outsourcing services to over 650 customers since 2001.
Bit-isle operates four iDCs in Tokyo Metropolitan area and jointly operates iDCs in Osaka, Korea and China. The 5th State-of-the-Art green iDC is expected to open in summer 2014 in central Tokyo. Bit-isle iDC services offer highly secure and environmentally controlled facilities to keep customers' IT system up and running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Bit-isle iDC Services include;
- Collocation service
- Network connectivity
- Rental service
- Integrated 24/7 Managed service

With 15 years of expertize in operating iDCs continuously as its core business, Bit-isle has been offering end-to-end IT outsourcing services at one-stop-shop. Its carrier and vender neutral approach delivers a variety of choices to customers, which enables to deploy the best solution to meet every customer's business needs.
Bit-isle has been accelerating Cloud transformation since 2009, offering consulting service for adapting hybrid Cloud, Cloud system migration, server virtualization solutions as IaaS, applications on-demand as SaaS and 24/7 managed service for Hybrid Cloud.

Bit-isle's Cloud Services include;
- "Bit-isle Cloud platform server
- V series" (which is VMware vSphere private Cloud infrastructure)
- "Bit-isle Cloud N series"
- "Bit-isle Cloud real server"
- Integrated 24/7 Managed service for Cloud

"Integrated 24/7 Managed service" delivers a fully managed environment across on-premises, collocation in Data Center, private Cloud and public Cloud. Managed service experts monitor customer's mission critical IT system for 24hours a day and 365days a year. Not only day-to-day management but also strategic planning and consulting to improve customers' IT operations are provided.
The service is co-operated by Bit-isle and SiteROCK K.K.. SiteROCK K.K. has been offering the industry leading IT managed services to over 800 customers since 1996. And Bit-isle acquired SiteROCK K.K. in 2011 as a strategic subsidiary to robust its service capability in this field.

Thus Bit-isle implements cross-departmental collaboration with Bit-isle Group, maximizing its group synergies to deliver cost-effective and value added IT solutions to customers. Bit-Surf Inc. as a team of specialists of engineering services and Site-ROCK K.K. as an industry leading managed service provider, each company archives different contributions to customers' IT system operations by offering professional skills.

Besides, Bit-isle founded Bit-isle R&D Lab. in 2011, which has been dedicating itself to research and development of next generation of technologies including iDC facility and its design, Cloud computing, and energy saving technologies.

Along with energy efficient iDCs, Bit-isle launched totally app. 3.0MW solar power plants in Hiroshima prefecture in 2013.